Our Mission

Who we are

eAutism is a non-profit organization that fosters a SAFE welcoming community

Who we serve

serving multicultural atypical families that are bilingual (Portuguese and English)

What we do

through education, support, mentorship"

Because persons with autism vary so much in their comprehension, skills, and behaviors, there must be a wide range of educational, residential, vocational, and recreational options available if each individual is going to have the opportunity to reach his or her greatest potential for independence, productivity, and happiness. Individuals and their families must not be confined to alternatives that only meet the needs of some persons with autism. Nor should they be forced to choose only from alternatives that comply with a specific ideology about what all disabled persons should do or should be able to do.

Persons with autism and their families should have the right to choose from a variety of opportunities just as persons who are not disabled do.

We clearly advocate, support, and respect parents and kids in their right to CHOOSE what they think is best for themselves. We respect their diverse testimonials and stories.

Quem somos

Adriana Almeida

Rachel Botelho

Karen Kasperoviczus

Jorge Matos